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Safety Guidance
Exceeding customer expectations!
PF50 Series
• Designed for wall, ceiling, flag and conduit stub mounting
• Energy savings choice for commercial buildings, retailers,
hospitals and schools.
• 50’ Viewing distance / listed to UL 924
• 8 3/4” x 15 3/8” x 3/4”
• Suitable for floor proximity installation
PM100 Series
• Designed for wall, ceiling, flag and conduit stub mounting
• Approved for Outdoor/ Indoor locations
• Energy saving choice for large open facilities; big box
retailers, manufacturing plants, warehouses & government buildings
• 100’ Viewing distance / listed to UL924 through ETL
• 8 5/8”x 15 7/8” x 3/8”
• Ideal 1 for 1 exit sign replacement.
Glo Brite
Eco Exit
Unlike other exit signs, easy-to-install
Eco Exit
signs offer the only
non-radioactive, zero electrical
wiring and virtually no maintenance
solution on the market. Green design
and energy savings all rolled into one!
• Listed to UL 924
• Meets the following standards: NFPA 101,
2009 IBC and 2009 IFC
7040B Green Single Sided
7042B Green Double Sided
7070B Red
Single Sided
7072B Red
Double Sided
7050B Red
Single Sided
7052B Red
Double Sided
7080B Green Single Sided
7082B Green Double Sided
7060B Black Single Sided
7062B Black Double Sided
7090B Black Single Sided
7092B Black Double Sided
Single Sided $82.48
Double Sided $138.32
Single Sided $204.92
Double Sided $409.85
Eco Exit
signs are easy to install and maintain.
They eliminate the need for wiring, maintenance or
battery backup, further decreasing overhead costs.
Zero Energy Eco Exit
signs completely eliminate
energy consumption and provide an immediate
return on investment.