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Tilt trucks
This truck maximizes maneuverability.
The design matches the name:
these trucks make it easy to
dump contents. Ideal for handling
bulky materials and loads that are
medium to heavyweight. Wheels
and the overall profile help protect
surroundings. Consider your need for
the lid option.
(Find these
on pages 370-371.)
Accommodate loads of varying
shapes and sizes aboard a high-
capacity platform truck. Depending
on what you’re moving, you’ll want to
look at support—more when you’re
loading multiple, hard-to-balance
items, less when loads are more well-
balanced. Some platform trucks offer
work-height surfaces.
(Find these
on pages 372-375.)
Hand trucks
Carry a surprisingly heavy load with
ease and agility with a two-wheeled
hand truck. Buy a model that’s
dedicated to this role, or combine
functionality with a convertible truck
that switches from a two-wheeled
configuration to a four-wheeled
(Find these on page 372.)
Change configurations to use one
truck in multiple applications. Some
versions combine removable shelving
with a more open platform truck
option. Others provide support
alternatives that adjust to the loads
you’re transporting.
(Find these
on pages 357, 373.)
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