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Industrial upright vacuums are as heavy-duty as their name implies. Choose for
heavy-duty cleaning in offices, government buildings and hotels. Select a vacuum
with a wide cleaning path to clean large, minimally furnished rooms in less time;
other widths are available for other layouts. A great choice for day cleaning, quiet
operation features are a real advantage. Look for large-capacity shake-out bags or
dust cups and extra-long power cords to maximize cleaning efficiency, save time
and reduce maintenance.
(pages 328-330)
Choose HEPA uprights to improve indoor air quality. A HEPA vacuum filter or bag
retains 99.97% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns – or about 240 times smaller
than a human hair. Items with HEPA classification range from vacuum filters and
disposable dust bags, to completely sealed systems that force all of the air leaving
the vacuum through a HEPA exhaust filter. Hospitals, schools and certified green
buildings are ideal environments for HEPA cleaners.
(pages 323-329, 333)
For light yet thorough cleaning of a limited space, choose a domestic vacuum,
designed to deliver regular maintenance to a home or small business. Be aware of
the degree of filtration the cleaner offers and seek out allergen or HEPA filtration
if that’s a priority. Look for height adjustment controls to handle multiple flooring
types, onboard attachments that add flexibility, low-cost bagless systems and
ample cord length for extended reach.
(page 327)
A lightweight vacuum is built for quick, frequent cleanups and maneuverability.
In spaces with furniture and other obstacles, this type is ideal for hotels, doctors’
offices and schools. Choose from options such as cordless sticks and compact
deep cleaners that deliver the same powerful performance of a full-sized machine.
Many lightweight cleaners offer superior filtration, onboard tools and carpet height
adjustment controls.
(pages 325-326)
Backpack vacuums offer mobility as well as quiet operation. Back and shoulder
straps secure the cleaner to the maintenance worker, adding to comfort and ease
of carrying. Choose closed bag systems and highly effective multi-stage filtration,
in which multiple layers of material thoroughly remove soil particles. HEPA
filtration renders a backpack vacuum appropriate for environments where indoor
air quality is a concern. Many models are surprisingly lightweight. Use in spaces
with large expanses of bare floors and areas containing an abundance of furniture
such as office buildings, schools and hospitals.
(page 333)
Canister vacuums are flexible and compact, making them ideal to reach into
inaccessible areas that are often hard to clean. Easy, powerful detail cleaning is
enhanced by attachments including upholstery tools, dusting brushes and wand
extension. Models with shoulder straps transport more easily and HEPA-ready
units help improve indoor air quality. Choose canister cleaners for spaces that
demand detail cleaning and those with an abundance of hard surfaces and stairs,
such as schools, hospitals, hotels and office buildings.
(page 332)
Carpet extractors come in many shapes and sizes, from spot cleaners to full-size
models with powered brushes to deep-clean large carpeted areas. Features like
revolving brushrolls, fingertip controls, metal cleaning wands and large-capacity
solution tanks add value. Ideal for use in spaces with high-traffic areas like offices,
hotels and government buildings.
(pages 336-337)
Get hard surfaces to shine in high-traffic areas in schools, government buildings
and hospitals. These units are designed to maintain and restore hard floors with
the use of different pads or brushes for scrubbing, stripping, buffing or polishing.
For this heavy-duty work look for quality construction. UL Approved models offer
durable steel gears and parts. Smooth operation features, multi-speed motors and
a safety shutoff switch, add to ease of use.
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