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Recycling Becomes Routine
Recycling transforms waste into useable resources, saves energy and sometimes even
generates revenue (where recycling haulers offer programs that compensate facilities
for uncontaminated recyclable materials). Recycling initiatives also provide the raw
material for a positive image among employees and customers of any facility. No
wonder communities, businesses and consumers are recycling more than ever.
See how your establishment can recycle (and don’t forget to use recyled materials, too).
Audit your daily waste.
Once again, planning is a great place to start. Review
what your facility disposes of on a daily basis and identify what can be recycled.
Use this audit to develop an overall waste management plan
Follow through on the plan with education and promotion.
maintenance employees on recycling practices. Provide clear instructions, with
pictures, at recycling receptacle locations to ease participation by all the users of
the facility.
Set up a system for your facility.
Color-code your containers and make sure
they are clearly identified with signage. Provide recycling receptacles with easily
accessible lids and use clear, biodegradable plastic bags, so maintenance staff can
see the recyclables and sort as needed.
Standards Have Green
Cleaning Products Covered
You can find greener cleaning products of every type
today, and there’s certification to prove it. In August 2011,
Green Seal
, Inc., the nation’s oldest independent non-profit
environmental certification organization, released two new standards for
specialty cleaners. GS-52 and GS-53, Specialty Cleaning Products for Household
and Institutional and Industrial Use, provide standards for products ranging from
dish soaps, graffiti removers, automotive cleansers, deck and outdoor cleaners,
to odor removers and polishes and waxes, among others. The standards also
provide guidance on what requirements to look for in specifying greener
disinfectants and sanitizers. Green Seal
released standards for general purpose
cleaning and floor cleaning products nearly two decades ago.
Conserving Resources Pays
By economizing on energy and water use, you can
achieve significant savings in the operation of a
commercial space. It helps to make a plan based
on good information. A California utility company
provides an energy self-survey for the restaurant
industry, helping operators of such facilities find
where there’s room for improvement in their usage of
energy and water. The restaurant survey looks closely
at these spaces:
• Kitchen and serving area
• Dining area
• Dish room
• Roof top
• Parking lot and exterior
You might be surprised to see how the energy usage
numbers really add up. Remember, knowing how you
consume can point you toward ways to conserve. For
restaurants, energy usage breaks down according to
these percentages:
Food Preparation
Find out what resources your utility company offers
to help your facility conserve energy and water.
Implementing thoughtful changes in usage of water
and energy can help any facility or residence save big.
Cleaning solutions
with green formulas
Microfiber mops
and cleaning cloths
paper products
plastic garbage
cleaning equipment
Insulated windows
and construction
A Greener Shopping List
Everyday items:
Long-term investments:
With little or no spending, you can institute changes that can make any facility a
greener place to work. Take a few simple steps to focus on key areas on environmental
impact; plan programs for conservation of energy and water, and management of
waste, including recycling. Provide structures and systems that make it easier for every
user of a space to behave in a more environmentally friendly way. Be certain
education and training play their part in your plan.
Once you’ve changed behavior in your facility,
step up your efforts and change your buying habits.
Make greener purchasing choices. Substitute items
that you use everyday with greener
options to reduce environmental
impact. And invest in upgraded
equipment and building improvements
to make an even greater green