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Product Type
Benefit Feature
Cut-end wet
mop heads
Mop heads with cut ends are available in
designs that fasten to, screw-in, clamp or grip
handles. They’re available in cotton, synthetic
blend and all-synthetic fibers, with value-priced
and premium yarns.
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Looped end
mop heads
Mop heads with looped ends offer multiple
benefits, as the looped design reduces
tangling, avoids unraveling and fraying, and
lessens linting. The addition of a tailband helps
prevent even more tangles. A tailband also
provides more floor coverage with each stroke
and less streaking, for faster mopping and
reduced labor.
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An economical choice, a cotton mop head
often requires the tradeoff of some break-in
time. Cotton absorbs well. Consider cotton
absolutely suitable for general cleaning
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Pure rayon offers immediate absorbency and
quick release, making it a smart choice for
finishing floors, disinfecting and application
of chemicals. Blended fibers can deliver
up to five times the absorbency of 100%
cotton and lend well to general cleaning,
disinfecting and application of chemicals.
Synthetic and synthetic blend mop heads
withstand repeated laundering with minimal or
no shrinkage, and are better suited to heavy
cleaning when compared to cotton.
these on pages 282, 285-286)
The leading edge of mop head fibers,
microfiber cleans more effectively than cotton
and offers far greater durability through
multiple launderings versus synthetic blends.
By using microfiber, you can reduce and often
eliminate cleaning chemicals. Microfiber lends
itself to tube designs, and tube mop heads
reduce drag, easing labor. Lightweight yet
highly absorbent, microfiber mop heads can
help lower the risk of injury.
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page 285)
Sponge mops include lever functionality for
easy wringing of the soaked mop head. (Find
these on page 286)