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Use Your Mophead
Hard-working, high-performing
mops make sense.
mops up almost all cleaning challenges with innovative floor
cleaning equipment that’s tough and environmentally friendly at the same time.
The Patriot Mop offers great durability thanks to its unique yarn, sourced from military uniform
manufacturing. The recycled yarn blends cotton and synthetics, including Kevlar
, for overall toughness
and resistance to abrasion. The Patriot is designed for heavy duty use and reuse after laundering.
Nonwoven Cut End Wet Mops use a highly absorbent, 100% post-industrial fiber blend for
increased absorption, so you get the same mopping power with less material. This leading-edge yarn is
designed to avoid unraveling that leaves lint and broken strings behind. EDGE
heads are ideal for wax
stripping, disinfecting, quick spill pick-up and general usage.
Unisan takes mopping to the next level with innovative, eco-friendly materials.