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Product Type
Benefit Feature
Hygienic touchless dispensers
prevent the spread of germs
by controlling towel dispensing
automatically; users don’t make any
physical contact with the dispenser.
Many touchless dispensers use a
smaller footprint, increasing your
mounting options.
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pages 252-253, 255)
Lever dispensers are economical,
flexible, and simple to operate
and maintain. Set a clear limit on
the number of towels used with
one lever pull per towel. Lever
dispensers function manually and
require no batteries, eliminating a
step in maintenance and getting rid
of the expense of providing power.
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Crank Roll
Economical and rugged, crank roll
towel dispensers are a cost-efficient
choice for any application that
combines heavy use and a limited
maintenance schedule. Consider
crank roll dispensers when you’re
looking for a strong utilitarian choice.
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Without any moving parts, C-fold
and multi-fold towel dispensers
represent a low-maintenance option.
At the same time, these dispensers
are designed to allow hygienic
delivery of towels to users. Choose
lower-capacity units to limit the
possibility of waste where cross-
contamination is a concern.
(Find these on pages 258-259)
Center-pull models combine
easy loading systems with easy
dispensing. There’s a component
of hygiene, too, as users touch
only one towel at a time. These
dispensers are sturdy enough for
high-traffic facilities.
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page 250)
Towel Dispensers