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Product Type
Benefit Feature
Latex provides excellent flexibility
and dexterity. This makes them ideal
for food handling, lab and technical
environments or other applications
demanding precision handling.
Available in medical grade. Choose
from powdered or non-powdered
varieties. Fit either hand.
(Find these
on pages 230-231)
Great for light-duty cleaning, painting,
parts assembly, lab and foodservice
environments. Vinyl gloves typically
offer greater thickness and a looser
fit than latex and nitrile. Gloves come
with and without powder. Rolled cuff
option for easy on/off. Fit either hand.
(Find these on page 230)
Nitrile provides excellent dexterity
and tear strength. The material
offers an alternative for users with
latex sensitivities. Great for lab and
chemical work or food handling.
Select powdered or non-powdered.
Fit either hand.
(Find these on
pages 228-229)
Neoprene is ideal for strong chemical
handling. Resistance to solvents
makes neoprene gloves well-suited
to work with paint and varnish
remover, petroleum products and
harsh cleansers. Provides superior
protection, greater thickness and
looser fit than vinyl and nitrile.
(Find these on page 229)
Fabric &
Canvas, knit or leather gloves work
best for warehouse, assembly,
furniture and materials handling.
Comfortable and warm, these gloves
work in environments with limited
or no climate control. Choose either
one-size-fits-all or specific sizes,
varying by the material. Available
as ambidextrous or right/left hand
(Find these on page 191)