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Product Type
Benefit Feature
Clears floors of water and much more
(page 91). Use to clear away large
volumes of mud, snow, slush, and other
debris. Squeegee frames are made with
galvanized steel to withstand the heavier
workload. Nylon inserts (page 91) adapt
squeegees for use with Acme-threaded
Available as standard or brush/squeegee
combination (page 91). Ideal for hospitals,
bathrooms, kitchens, dairies, swimming
pools and other areas where cleanliness
is key. Durable polypropylene construction
resists acids.
Water Wands
Wash and wipe away at the same time!
Water Wands (page 90) combine with
aluminum handles (page 118) to wash
thoroughly and reach difficult spots. Use
to clean grout, uneven surfaces, tiling,
and more. After the washing is done, the
squeegee’s rubber blades whisk away
standing water, leaving the surface finger
dry. Adapters are available (pages 90-91)
to create Acme-compatible sockets on the
wands, allowing for the use of tapered or
threaded handles.
Perfect for washing and wiping glass.
Allows for easy handling and gentler use
on fragile surfaces. Use the sponge for
scrubbing, flip the squeegee over, then
use the rubber blade for wiping water
away. For use on vehicle windows, mirrors
and smooth surfaces that need cleaning
and instant water removal (page 120).
Wipe away water with a longer reach.
The soft, thin rubber blade clears water
from any smooth, flat surface and works
perfectly on windows. Handle allows
squeegee to be attached extension wands
to reach higher areas (page 119).